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Moving Beyond the "Hail Mary" School of Video Distribution

There is no longer any doubt that we’re in the midst of massive sea change in the way we watch video. Not only does video take up an increasingly bigger share of all online content, viewers, especially younger ones, watch more videos on devices than television screens. Below: RUN and RUN / lyrical school【MV for Smartphone】

Run and Run

For businesses, this means it’s easier than ever to get your message out but harder to stand out in that ocean of online videos. Marketers rightly expect that their investment be returned in the form of video views, brand awareness, and product sales, but too often they settle for much less.

On one level, it's understandable that video production is still approached as an end in itself. Videos are not only fun to produce but there’s an inherent optimism in the process that can make us feel that somehow the video will go viral based on its own merits.

And while this does sometimes happen, the vast majority ofsuccessful videos, as with movies and TV shows, are supported by equally creative distribution campaigns.

It's important to understand here that online videos are not inherently searchable, meaning that it is not actually the video but the metadata (the words written about it) that appears in search engines. 

So, if we want our videos to provide a return on investment, not only do we need to have the right words to identify them, we need to make sure that:

a) Lots of people watch them
b) Their content reinforces brand attributes
c) Viewers have an easy path to point of sale

It remains for our next post to explain how you can achieve those goals for your own videos. Stay tuned!

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