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Video: Magic Bullet or Swiss Army Knife?

If video is a magic bullet for marketers, many are still figuring out how to fire it. So much potential, but where exactly does it fit amongst all the forms of marketing content? 

The truth is that video is more of a Swiss Army Knife. It’s got lots of tools: words, graphics, sound, music and photography – plus the very thing we do most when we sell a product, talk.

To get the most from a video, we need to figure out which of these tools to use and how; its form. But in order to do that, we need to think first about its function, what we need the video to accomplish.

Start by asking who your audience is and which style of video will resonate most with them. For a mainstream consumer audience, used to watching commercials, something scripted with flashy graphics and humor can do the trick. An audience of industry experts with technical knowledge is more likely to respond to a respected insider presenting new information in an elegant but unfussy style. Potential business customers will respond strongly to testimonials from other, similar concerns. Need to attract new employees? Try something fun featuring your team following engaged in work and play.

Video is also a secret weapon in situations where you might otherwise just be talking. So if you’re headed to a conference, a trade show, a fundraiser or sales call, take a tip from late night television hosts and be sure to show up armed with a video to spice up your act.

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