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Little Things That Can Make Your Video Great

Shots that tell a story are the most compelling. It might not seem like it matters but little gestures–facial expressions, objects we recognize, things that happen by chance–are the critical cogs that enable viewers to engage with a video. The movement of the camera is also critical in this. First priority for our camera is to allow for it to happen, get out of the way or rather get in the way but keep it simple.

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While it's not always possible to know or register things as they're happening, there can be a way of listening, with the camera, or at least not interrupting. Sometimes too, the camera will respond or register the moment in subtle ways, a kind of "oh" that the viewer registers too. These are the moments we look for when we choose a b roll shot to edit against an interview. Shots that add meaning to what's being spoken and allow the viewer to imagine even more.  

And occasionally the choreography of camera and action are completely in sync. The camera will pan, glide or rack focus and guide the viewer's eye towards what is crucial. These moments happen as often by chance as they do on purpose. Or sometimes we'll even do something in post to make them happen. These are the moments that make a video special.

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