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Authenticity, Godard & Cat Videos

It's a crazy-busy time for online video. Marketers are employing video with the same ease and fluency they display in their other communications, which is big news.


These developments mirror the ways in which video is being utilized in mainstream social media. Whereas once upon a time movie-making was largely the domain of the professional, nowadays, with so many people able to shoot and post high quality digital images instantaneously, it's a challenge for marketers to stand out amongst the billion other videos.

Authenticity Matters

If we’ve learned anything from the revolution in video technology it's that authenticity matters. Jean-Luc Godard knew this when he said “Cinema is truth 24 frames-per-second.” 

And that may also be why we like cat videos. We tell ourselves, “That’s really a cat doing that.”


Sadly (or happily, for some), until we exhaust our knowledge of all the crazy things cats are capable of (around 2027, I predict), we’ll likely see many more of them.

What Cat Videos Teach Us

Yet in a funny way, the cat video may also be a standard for marketing. Video is an opportunity for businesses to say, “That's really us.” It offers infinite ways to share all the awesome things we do. And while the cat video presents some pretty stiff competition, I like to think we humans will continue to have interesting things to say for ourselves far beyond 2027.

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