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Video in 2017

Pioneering the future of online video. That was what we said when we founded One to One Box. Less pretention (I hope) than a statement that online video was (and is) still being defined. There was little beyond YouTube to tell us what potential the Internet held as a medium for the moving image.

So we spent a good deal of time formulating and proposing formats and systems to help businesses use video to achieve their goals. But it was invariably you who came to us with the vision for how video could help you succeed. It was a lesson I should have remembered from working with dozens of directors in Hollywood: put aside your own preconceptions and focus on serving their vision. 

NEXTracker Solar Talks Coffee & Storage

NEXTracker Solar Talks Coffee & Storage

For marketers, that vision certainly involves quality. Videos that reflect the same level of care you put into everything you do. And thanks to the phenomenal expansion in the quality of and access to equipment and software, we've been able to find ways to showcase your amazing work. Given video's potential to offer a deeper and more inspiring form of communication, many of our clients find value not so much in reaching a wider audience but in its impact on the people with whom they work closely. For others, our videos provide that essential element of credibility with which to build new relationships.

Sometimes the vision is to employ video as the means to clarify and express what you do or sell. Sounds risky but it's actually actually quite the opposite. Not only do we love when our clients entrust us to work with them as they surface and articulate ideas, the videos created in that process are most often better for it. Rather than being a repetition of marketing copy, they bear witness to a genuine thought process unfolding, which is quite compelling for audiences. Video as discovery, which gets back to the spirit with which we founded One to One Box. Pioneering, but without the pretention (I hope).

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