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Vote For Poggio!

We were completely thrilled to learn that our video for Poggio La NoceThe Rocky Road to Elegant Sangiovese, was selected as one of just 10 finalists in the 2015 Wine Spectator Video Contest. The video is featured prominently on their contest page!

In past blog posts, we've shared stories about our trip to Italy and the great work being done by owner-winemakers Claire Beliard and Enzo Schiano.

In this and other videos it's always about the incredible work being done by our clients! We've been fortunate this year to have added a range of new ones in biotech (Roche), solar energy (NEXTracker) and wine as well as continuing all of our existing relationships in clean energy, software, non-profit, public health, communications and food. The biggest thing we've learned is to keep it simple and get out of the way so you can tell your story.

Thank you for allowing us to do that!