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Growth & Expansion

After a big expansion in 2014, 2015 is shaping up to be our best year yet! We are looking to again double the number of videos we produce as we pioneer new formats to meet to the needs of our diverse array of clients. We’ve expanded our team and added strong capabilities in several areas.    

Among the amazing folks who’ve joined our team: Sean Havey is a documentary and multimedia specialist and recent recipient of a master’s degree from the UC Berkeley School of Journalism. Jim Allison is a director specializing in fun, viral-style videos, who also brings expertise as an animator and storyboard artist. Drew Webster is a passionate audio innovator with equal expertise as a production recordist and rerecording mixer. Ched Nunez is the cinematographer responsible for many of the breathtaking images you see in our videos. His work complements the huge body of footage contributed by our main DP and videographer Andrew Bland.
We’ve also expanded our administrative team to help keep business rolling while our creatives are producing videos. Codi Quick is our writer-extraordinaire who spearheads our blog, newsletter, and social media efforts. Each new team member brings the kind of passion and expertise our clients have come to expect from One to One Box. Find out more about our team here.
In the short time since we introduced our Social Video program, more and more clients are recognizing the essential role that video can play as a catalyst to their social media efforts, and are signing up. Facebook and Twitter streams are now dominated by videos. Most “are absolute crap,” to quote Hugh Grant, but that’s why there’s One to One Box. 
The best way we know to repay the support you’ve given us is to keep making great videos. We’re super excited to showcase the ones we just completed for the new Poggio La Noce vineyard website. 

one to one box

We’ll be writing more about the grueling trip to Poggio La Noce in Italy and the great food and wine we had to sample (all in the line of duty). But for now we’ll just say grazie!